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books Hey if you’re looking for a book on leadership, I’m lovin Andy Stanley’s, Next Gen Leader. It’s all worth chapter 3.

Freedom Sunday


March 13th is Freedom Sunday. What’s that? I’m glad you asked. Well…

* Because there are more people enslaved today than at any other point in human history.

* Human Trafficking is the world’s 3rd largest criminal enterprise (after drugs & weapons). About a $32 billion dollar business.

* An estimated 600-800,000 children, women & men are trafficked across international borders annually.

We feel we need to do something to Stop it!

The biblical story is all about freedom. The story of the “Exodus” was about freeing the Israelites from Egypt. Jump into the NT &  you find Jesus teaching about it in the Temple (i.e.) “setting the captives free!” Become a modern day abolitionist. Every individual has a skill to contribute. Dare ask…what will I do?

* Great links:

this land is your land this land is thailand…


<– my fav pic of diff statues in Thailand. Looks like me after Sushi.

I appreciate you praying for Greg G & Myself as we fly out on Sun eve to Thailand. I have the privilege of being “guest speaker” for Partners Relief & Development’s staff & families at a resort in Chiang Mai, Thailand. PTL no hiking this time!

Included below is our itinerary that we’d appreciate you praying through daily. Greg & I have had the privilege to travel to many places together in our world. He is truly my armor bearer. Drenching me in prayer, always an incredible asset to me as a right hand man, always used by God in the lives of those we get to minister to.

The theme of our conference is on “Gardening”. Which, the bible is full of great verses on this topic. Gal.6:9 NLT So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.

Thailand is 15 hours ahead (or just add 3 hours to your time, & then shift am to pm) Dates are March 13-22.

13 – Leave Lax 9:30pm

14 – More Fly’n

15 – Arrive Chiang Mai in morning

16 – In Chiang Mai preparing for conference

17 – 1st day of conf. I give Intro in the evening

18 – 2nd day of conf. Teach 2 sessions

19 – 3rd day of conf. Teach 3 sessions

20 – 4th day of conf. Teach 1 session

21 – In Chiang Mai – free day

22 – Fly home. Arrive 7:20pm

Thanks for praying, Brian

Quest – a long or arduous search for something


We all read about the News Item: Somali Pirates Kill 2 American couples. What was your thoughts regarding it? A few facts, Scott & Jean Adam’s(who owned the Quest) were from St. Monica’s Church in Santa Monica. Scott was a master of divinity graduate from Fuller Theological Seminary & received his master of theology last year. With their bible distribution they said, part of their travels include “friendship evangelism” which he defined as “finding homes for thousands of bibles”. Craig Detweiler, a prof at Pepperdine, who went to school w/Scott said, “They acknowledged that they were navigating a global hot spot, but it was not like them to shy away.”

So here’s my question: Wouldn’t you rather die doing what you love & feel called to, then live a life wondering if…? They say, “Great stories go to those who don’t give in to fear.” Yes fear can guide us in keeping us safe; but it also can manipulate us into living a boring life! What’s the most repeated commandment in the bible, “do not fear” (over 200 x’s). I’m obviously not advocating recklessness, but everyone that knew them, knew they weren’t reckless individuals.

I don’t think they were choosing to die, but they did choose how they’d live, even if it involved risk! I say, way to go Scott & Jean Adam, & Phyllis Macay & Bob Riggle. Way to live out a great story! Combining retirement, a hobby, faith, missions. Rest in peace & may you shine in glory!

spring tryin to sprung

IMG_5384[1]I love this time of year. Just a pic from my backyard.

hinche church dedication

DedicationThis is during pastor Ilioberts church dedication. He had about 1000 people in attendance. The Mayor was there & the head Judge & a bunch of pastors were there from many different denominations to support him. It truly was a celebration of 14 years 2 months & 16 days to get it completed(Iliobert said). They had 3 different choirs from different churches that were amazing…even ended with a rendition of the famous “Alleluia” (Handel’s) which was out of the celestial park! Then back at the compound they had a sit down dinner for about 200 of the guests. It included about 2 doz youth serving in waiters uniforms, white tables linens, it was beautiful. We had fresh chicken & goat…how do I know it was to follow! :)

well oh well

Savanette WellWhen my dad died a few years ago he left my bro’s & sis’s some inheritance $. I wanted to use part of it on his behalf. My heart was to do something that was lasting. “Did you know 1 billion people in our world don’t have access to clean drinking water?” So a well it was. Well prices went up so I talked with 2 friends & we came up with the $ to do 2 wells. This one is at a friends church(Waquine) that I have had the blessing of teaching for 15 years here in Haiti. The name of his church is Savanette. We showed up for some pics only to find about 20 people there using it. They said they used to walk for 2 hours to get water…now 150 families in their area use this well now! That was so cool. So took a pic with my naked peeps & here it is!

Human Trafficking

Last year in Thailand I passed a street where my friend Stu said, “down that street is a 6 story brothel that runs 24 hours a day, every room filled with young women, children, & boys.” I can’t get that picture out of my head. It’s so wrong.

A few months ago myself & 2 of my pastors/friends started a Children At Risk meeting at our church. Our desire is 3-fold…Awareness, Advocacy, & Action. Awareness (What happening in our backyard & in our world?); Advocacy (a person who pleads on someone else’s behalf); Action (Let’s do something about it together). My friend Arielle has this Human Trafficking video on her web site, check it out. It’s a little graphic, but let it grab your heart…then let it touch your injustice nerve & do something about it!

Human Trafficking

made it back…

Well made it back & looking forward to sharing the adventure on Sunday morning, hope you can make it. This is a pic of Wynonna, the camps pet monkey where we stayed. IMG_3119

Mae song ka (hello in Thai)

Well, sittin in my room in Thailand(we’re 14 hours ahead) and I just wanted to say…we made it, we’re excited, & we look forward to all that our awesome God is going to do.

Looks like Dr. Les, Greg & nurse Kristen will be videoing what they were going to be teaching, so it can be shown to the students later. They also are helping to strategize an even bigger picture of the future training. Looks like my trip will remain the same.

I love the quote from the book Same Kind of Different As Me. “I’m a nobody, tryin to tell everybody, about Somebody, that can save anybody!”