Larry King Interviews God…regarding Rom.9

I wrote this back in 2004, hope you enjoy.

Larry King: Talk to me about freewill.
God: Ok, why is it that finite man will fight for himself having freewill, but then turns around & is offended that I have it?
Larry: Good question. But I think I’m asking the questions!
God: Well,…right now.
Larry: Hmm, right.

Larry: Why is it ok that You picked Israel & not let’s say Syria? Why Jews & not Canaanites? Why Isaac & not Ishmael?
God: Well, I actually started with a man whom I choose, Abraham.
Larry: But why not a guy from outside of Israel, & let’s say from some pagan family?
God: I did.
Larry: Oh that’s right. You did that with Abraham.
Larry: Ok, so why Abraham.
God: To make him a great nation, to bless him, to make his name great.

Larry: I didn’t know that!
God: You would have if you took the Perspectives class at CM. You would have found out that that promise is found a whopping 5 TIMES in scripture!
Larry: Is that the church with that awesome pastor?
God: (God smiles!)

Larry: So you choose to bless this man, his family, & to make a great nation out of them.
God: Yes, but one more thing. I did this so “he would be a blessing”. That, “all the families of the earth would be blessed!”

Larry: Were they a blessing to all other nations?
God: No not really. They kept the blessings to themselves.
Larry: So what did You do.
God: I took the blessings away for a time. And in the meanwhile I have given them to the Gentiles…to My Sons church.
Larry: Wow, I bet that made the Jews jealous?
God: It did. But even in that I sought to win them through that jealousy.
Larry: How is the church doing with the “blessing of the nations” by sharing Your Good News?
God: Well, the 1st group at the time of My Son were told not to tell anybody who He was. And they told everybody. – After His Resurrection He told them to make sure they told everybody… but they seem not to want to tell anybody.
Larry: That’s funny!
God: No, that’s tragic.

Larry: So, I understand you’re still not finished with Israel. As You said You took away their blessing…“for a time.” So, how long before you start up with them again.
God: I’m not telling.
Larry: Ok.
Larry: So it really comes down to “You” choosing…doesn’t it. That’s a lot of responsibility on your part isn’t it?
God: Yes, I guess you’ll have to trust me on that one!
Larry: Isn’t that called faith?
God: Now you’re getting it Larry.

Larry: 1 last question, “Can you tell me why avocados have such large seeds?”
God: “Not yet!”
Larry: That’s fair. – Well, I’m sure you have to get back to “running the universe”.
God: I was!
Larry: Oh, I guess so! – This is Larry King live…w/God.

what I think is funny about St. Patrick…

st_patrickDid you know St. Patrick was neither Irish nor Roman Catholic?

He was born in Britain. Carried off by pirates at age 16. He was forced to work as a slave in Ireland. After 6 years there, during which he experienced a conversion, he then escaped & returned to Britain & his family.

Later, he had a night vision in which he received a call to evangelize Ireland. St. Patrick ended up becoming the greatest single force in the Christianization of Ireland. Way to Go Pat! Makes me want to go Green.

Cait & Cal

Cait & CalCait & Cal doin nails.

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Jesus is alive

Killing Jesus, was like trying to destroy a dandelion seed-head, by blowing on it!images


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