Larry King Interviews God…regarding Rom.9

I wrote this back in 2004, hope you enjoy.

Larry King: Talk to me about freewill.
God: Ok, why is it that finite man will fight for himself having freewill, but then turns around & is offended that I have it?
Larry: Good question. But I think I’m asking the questions!
God: Well,…right now.
Larry: Hmm, right.

Larry: Why is it ok that You picked Israel & not let’s say Syria? Why Jews & not Canaanites? Why Isaac & not Ishmael?
God: Well, I actually started with a man whom I choose, Abraham.
Larry: But why not a guy from outside of Israel, & let’s say from some pagan family?
God: I did.
Larry: Oh that’s right. You did that with Abraham.
Larry: Ok, so why Abraham.
God: To make him a great nation, to bless him, to make his name great.

Larry: I didn’t know that!
God: You would have if you took the Perspectives class at CM. You would have found out that that promise is found a whopping 5 TIMES in scripture!
Larry: Is that the church with that awesome pastor?
God: (God smiles!)

Larry: So you choose to bless this man, his family, & to make a great nation out of them.
God: Yes, but one more thing. I did this so “he would be a blessing”. That, “all the families of the earth would be blessed!”

Larry: Were they a blessing to all other nations?
God: No not really. They kept the blessings to themselves.
Larry: So what did You do.
God: I took the blessings away for a time. And in the meanwhile I have given them to the Gentiles…to My Sons church.
Larry: Wow, I bet that made the Jews jealous?
God: It did. But even in that I sought to win them through that jealousy.
Larry: How is the church doing with the “blessing of the nations” by sharing Your Good News?
God: Well, the 1st group at the time of My Son were told not to tell anybody who He was. And they told everybody. – After His Resurrection He told them to make sure they told everybody… but they seem not to want to tell anybody.
Larry: That’s funny!
God: No, that’s tragic.

Larry: So, I understand you’re still not finished with Israel. As You said You took away their blessing…“for a time.” So, how long before you start up with them again.
God: I’m not telling.
Larry: Ok.
Larry: So it really comes down to “You” choosing…doesn’t it. That’s a lot of responsibility on your part isn’t it?
God: Yes, I guess you’ll have to trust me on that one!
Larry: Isn’t that called faith?
God: Now you’re getting it Larry.

Larry: 1 last question, “Can you tell me why avocados have such large seeds?”
God: “Not yet!”
Larry: That’s fair. – Well, I’m sure you have to get back to “running the universe”.
God: I was!
Larry: Oh, I guess so! – This is Larry King live…w/God.

what I think is funny about St. Patrick…

st_patrickDid you know St. Patrick was neither Irish nor Roman Catholic?

He was born in Britain. Carried off by pirates at age 16. He was forced to work as a slave in Ireland. After 6 years there, during which he experienced a conversion, he then escaped & returned to Britain & his family.

Later, he had a night vision in which he received a call to evangelize Ireland. St. Patrick ended up becoming the greatest single force in the Christianization of Ireland. Way to Go Pat! Makes me want to go Green.

Cait & Cal

Cait & CalCait & Cal doin nails.

Burma, a little girls perspective

This is from our friends that work in Burma

275 Haiti pic’s in 2:39 seconds

whats a living photo?

You have to see this amazing living photo. Its the story of a precious 11 yr old girl from Burma. It tells her story.

Is God glad Osama Bin Laden’s dead?

Check out John Pipers Blog on this. It’s exactly what I was feeling but could never say as eloquently. Thanks John.

Jesus is alive

Killing Jesus, was like trying to destroy a dandelion seed-head, by blowing on it!images


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Quest – a long or arduous search for something


We all read about the News Item: Somali Pirates Kill 2 American couples. What was your thoughts regarding it? A few facts, Scott & Jean Adam’s(who owned the Quest) were from St. Monica’s Church in Santa Monica. Scott was a master of divinity graduate from Fuller Theological Seminary & received his master of theology last year. With their bible distribution they said, part of their travels include “friendship evangelism” which he defined as “finding homes for thousands of bibles”. Craig Detweiler, a prof at Pepperdine, who went to school w/Scott said, “They acknowledged that they were navigating a global hot spot, but it was not like them to shy away.”

So here’s my question: Wouldn’t you rather die doing what you love & feel called to, then live a life wondering if…? They say, “Great stories go to those who don’t give in to fear.” Yes fear can guide us in keeping us safe; but it also can manipulate us into living a boring life! What’s the most repeated commandment in the bible, “do not fear” (over 200 x’s). I’m obviously not advocating recklessness, but everyone that knew them, knew they weren’t reckless individuals.

I don’t think they were choosing to die, but they did choose how they’d live, even if it involved risk! I say, way to go Scott & Jean Adam, & Phyllis Macay & Bob Riggle. Way to live out a great story! Combining retirement, a hobby, faith, missions. Rest in peace & may you shine in glory!