275 Haiti pic’s in 2:39 seconds


whats a living photo?

You have to see this amazing living photo. Its the story of a precious 11 yr old girl from Burma. It tells her story.


Is God glad Osama Bin Laden’s dead?

Check out John Pipers Blog on this. It’s exactly what I was feeling but could never say as eloquently. Thanks John.


out of the miry clay

In Ps.40 David says I waited patiently for the Lord; & He inclined to me, & heard my cry. He also brought me up out of a horrible pit. Out of the miry clay, & set my feet upon a rock, & established my steps. He has put a new song in my mouth – praise to God; Many will see it & fear, & will trust in the Lord.

One time in Israel we visited what they believe to be this very a underground cistern. Imagine sinking in this muddy torment? Maybe you’ve been in a mini mudslide recently,or dealing w/a mental mudslide, even a moral mudslide! David did, & his testimony stands firm, “He heard me, He helped me!”

Ps.40 lets us know what happens when we pray & wait? We are as one said…

Pulled out of the Pit & placed onto the Rock! – Out of the Mire, into the Choir! – From Crying to Singing! – Sinking turns into Standing! – Fear into Security! …just to name a few!